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"I have had the very good fortune to know and work with Alyssa for many years. Much of our work together was focused on building the skills and competencies of a team of senior managers, which she performed with a style and quality that was highly effective, relevant, and excellent. She has a broad range of professional capabilities, and a unique authenticity that she brings to her work and her relationships. I could not express a higher recommendation than the one I would extend for Alyssa. If you work with her once, you should expect to work with her again."
— Steve Metzger, former President & CEO, Biamp Systems

"I have worked with Spark and Alysa Gasca for the past 8 years on management training curriculum, leadership training and strategic planning. Her methodology is well thought out, executable, interesting and honestly, she is a delight to work with. I would highly recommend her and her company." — Dayna Lyons, former Vice President of Corporate Services, Biamp Systems

“I appreciate that we are planning for the future together. I learn about our customers, our markets, our products, our internal struggles.”

“Working through the various modules of learning has provided a "toolkit" to help improve my leadership skills. In particular the dialogue, DISC and SMART goal concepts.”

“Alyssa is really great. The small group work is a really valuable part of the coursework and Alyssa never shorts us on it. She also stays engaged with the groups during small group work and provides personal feedback and attention.”

“Thanks for all that you do. I have seen a marked improvement of communications among several people at our company, and I firmly believe these classes are helping many, including me.”
“We have worked with Alyssa and the SPARK team for several years now to improve our communications, strategy, leadership and culture. As a result, we are a better company. I highly recommend them!”
— Marcus Wilcox, CEO, Cascade Energy
“Alyssa created organizational assessments, helped with change initiatives, and provided coaching services. We found her energy infectious, her approaches practical and successful, and her ongoing involvement a great return on our investment.”
— Jennifer Davies, former CMO and VP, Marketing and Product Strategy, Leyard and Planar Systems
“Alyssa is an amazing business consultant. She brings not only deep expertise in organizational effectiveness, but also rare insight into group dynamics and the barriers that often get in the way of successful strategy development and execution. Her skills range impressively from whole system business process design to leadership and team development and strategic planning. I would trust her to interface with and influence the most senior executives in a firm. She is a skilled and intuitive coach, helping individuals and teams challenge long held beliefs and improve performance outcomes. She will also roll up her sleeves when needed to ensure execution quality and the right results for her clients.”
“Alyssa Gasca has helped us focus on our priorities and get our board running in ONE direction. When everyone is running towards the same committed goal, we run fast and we conquer!”
“Thank you Alyssa for a spectacular strategy session. You are truly an expert at managing the complexity of the planning process as well as facilitating and effective and productive working session. You are so quick and astute! I would be thrilled to work with you in the future!”
“Alyssa has the rare quality of being both equally strong in strategic planning and implementation. She has a passion and high energy level for everything she does and no task is too overwhelming. Bottom line: she gets results in the most positive way possible.”

“Alyssa led multiple OD initiatives while in this position. She has an outstanding level of energy and has a great ability to drive large organizations through facilitated events and change management processes. I highly recommend and can‘t wait to work with her again.”

“Alyssa was my OD Business Partner supporting Sales and Marketing groups. She jumped right into the businesses to assess their OD needs and build organizational capability plans that fit those needs. She is astute, flexible and people love to work wih her. She is one of the best OD professionals I have had the pleasure of working with.”

“Alyssa Gasca is the quintessential professional. I define professional as someone who knows their job, is supremely competent and understands the impact that their work has on the whole business. They succeed because they are clear about expectations and about what is to be “delivered”. They never miss a deadline and they have the ability to bring a team together to exceed expectations. As a Manager, Alyssa did this consistently. She faced many business challenges and conquered each one. Alyssa did her job and managed others with a smile and laughter. We actually had fun! People who worked for or with Alyssa always learned something important and useful. She was in great demand as a project leader due to her organization and process management skills. Alyssa Gasca “gets it”. She’s tops in my book.”

“Alyssa is an energetic, motivated, and talented individual. I've worked with her for about 18 months as an HR and change management representative for my group, and she has consistently brought creative solutions to the table and has always delivered solid results.”
"You were amazing! Thank you for getting my Engineering brain unstuck at key times!"

"Thanks for your patience, guidance and humor; we needed all three! I look forward to our next work with you!"

"You have been a blessing to Tigard leaders! We are focused and energized around the strategic plan. Our challenge will be to move forward and I'm sure you will see great results from your efforts."

"Thanks for your energy, persistence and patience in helping us start our strategic plan journey -- you're a fantastic herder of cats! Looking forward to working with you again soon."
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