City of Tigard

Thank you for all that you have done to help us to move the City’s first Strategic Plan forward — we could not have done it without you! We are so fortunate to have launched with your able grace and expertise.

Opus Agency

I really appreciate how well SPARK knows Opus and our leadership team. Their insights are really invaluable and it makes a huge difference in the ability to give such strong wise counsel. They clearly have contributed tremendously to Opus’ growth and I am grateful that Monte sees the value in a consultant and making the investment into our company and our team members!

Opus Agency

Thank you – the entire team was glued to everything that was said and bought into what we need to accomplish. The work they are getting to be a part of is invaluable to their long term growth in the company.


Thanks for all that you do. I have seen a marked improvement of communications among several people at our company, and I firmly believe these classes are helping many, including me.


I appreciate that we are planning for the future together. I learn about our customers, our markets, our products, our internal struggles.

WIFS Portland Metro

Alyssa Gasca has helped us focus on our priorities and get our board running in ONE direction. When everyone is running towards the same committed goal, we run fast and we conquer!

The Standard

Alyssa is an amazing business consultant. She brings not only deep expertise in organizational effectiveness, but also rare insight into group dynamics and the barriers that often get in the way of successful strategy development and execution.