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How Great Businesses Support the Next Generation of Leaders

Author: Keeley Tillotson What motivates leaders today? Here at Spark, we are frequently in rooms with senior leaders who are struggling with hiring, retention, succession …

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Feeling Overwhelmed? Try these three steps to bring more peace and focus to your work.

Author: Monica Eisel Dealing with Overwhelm: Our Top Tips A common theme among our clients over the past few months has been that they and …

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An interview with Amy Alcala, President of Princeton Property Management Tell me about Princeton Property Management – what does your business do? Princeton Property Management …

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What to do in Q4 for a Great 2023

Are we really nearing the end of 2022?!  As we close out the year, you can set up your 2023 for success by investing some …

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Q&A with Alyssa Gasca, Spark’s Founder

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to be a teacher, always. I used to …

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Strategic Planning in an Uncertain World

Should we renew our lease or invest in technology and flexible office space? Are we preparing to ramp up to handle a new 15 million …

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