What to do in Q4 for a Great Year Ahead

Monica Eisel

Are we really nearing the end of the year? As we close out this calendar year, you can set up the future for success by investing some time in yourself, your team, and your organization.

As the days grow shorter and the winter holidays come into sight, our first thoughts aren’t usually to start new work.  But a strategic investment now can set you up for a much more productive and impactful 2023.  We recommend considering three important areas for planning:

You First

What are your personal goals for 2023?  We are not looking for New Year’s resolutions here – build some thoughtful personal development goals that will help you become the best version of yourself in 2023.  Do you want to become a more effective communicator?  Navigate a professional change?  Spend more time being a catalyst for your organization?  Block some time on your calendar in the next two months to commit to paper 1-3 professional development goals for 2023 and some specific actions you can take to get there. Bonus if you write them as SMART goals. Maybe set a date with your career at a coffee shop?

Your Team

It is always good to pause and take an inventory of what is working well for your team and where you have opportunities for improvement. Do all of your team members have their own development plans for 2023? Have you done a team temperature check recently? Is it time to establish or reaffirm your team’s core values and norms? If you’re struggling with this part – it’s tricky! – our team at Spark can help you assess your organizational health and make recommendations for the biggest ROI. 

Your Organization

Do you have a strategic plan in place for your organization? Now is the time to establish organizational goals for 2023, and the new year is the perfect time to roll out your goals with fanfare. Strategic planning doesn’t have to be a heavy lift – SPARK can help you use our streamlined process to establish a realistic set of goals for 2023 and key measurable strategies for Q1 that will set you on the path to success. 

We have updated our strategic planning process to be an easier lift and more agile. Our recommended process includes a simple, clear document to map out your strategic plan that all team members can refer to. We call it the “Plan on a Page.” Check out a downloadable example here if you’d like to adapt and use for your team in 2023: Spark Example Plan on a Page.

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