Do you have the leadership skills you need for today's environment?

SPARK Helps Businesses Grow Through Their People

Whether facing a change in your market, managing a leadership change, or building a high-performing team, SPARK helps leaders and businesses move forward.

Organizational Development

Prepare your organization for the future by creating a strategic plan and an intentional culture to support it. 

Align and engage your team in creating a clear vision and goals, and get the right people in the right roles moving in the right direction to grow your business.

Leadership Development

High performing leadership teams are your company’s competitive advantage and your biggest lever for growth.


Build a team of leaders who people want to follow – that balance both profits and people, while inspiring others to give their best.

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Team Development

All star teams win championships, but that is not the same as a team of All-Stars.


Build a cohesive, high performing team that trusts one another, engages in healthy conflict, effectively communicates and collaborates on shared goals.

Build Your Team's Resilience With Expansive Leadership

To thrive in this ever-changing environment you have to change the way you lead. You have to be resilient, authentic, rumble with vulnerability, as Brene Brown puts it, and trust yourself and your team to figure things out as they happen. How you get around each obstacle will change but a few principles will remain the same.

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