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SPARK helps move the vision and success of your business forward. Whether facing a change in your market, managing a leadership change, or building a high-performing team, SPARK will help you focus, align and grow your people and your business. SPARK helps leaders capture long-term business value through each of our three phases for success.

Services we provide:

Strategic Planning
  • Define your vision, values, and goals for long term business success.
  • Develop a prioritized roadmap to implement the strategy throughout your organization, with systems in place to track and communicate progress along the way.
Change Management Consulting
  • Develop a plan for change, design your organization to meet your unique business goals, and implement a change plan that gets everyone moving in the same direction.
Custom Training and Workshops
  • Build a high performing team that has shared expectations, deals with conflict in a healthy way, and holds one another accountable.
  • Proactively address succession planning and talent development challenges to help your business grow
Team Development and Coaching
  • Build your team’s capabilities through customized workshops in the areas of leadership, management, and interpersonal communication skills.

Three Phases for Success :


Identify the root cause challenges and opportunities that are enabling or preventing your business growth, and prioritize where to focus first.

  • Strategy : Ensure your team is able to articulate your business direction and strategic priorities.
  • Goals : Creating clear and measurable goals for each department and individual. Developing systems to track accountability and ensure everyone is on track to accomplish the strategic business priorities.
  • Culture and Values : Creating a shared set of values and norms that guide how your organization works. Clarifying how your team gets information they need, how and who to communicate to about their work, and how to get decisions made.

Develop a plan for change, determine what resources and structure are needed to achieve your goals, and get your organization moving in one direction.

  • Structure : Re-organize and align resources and investment priorities correctly to achieve your goals.
  • People :Putting the right team in place. Create clarity on individual roles/responsibilities and developing the team’s skills for success.
  • Processes : Creating clear expectations and holding people accountable. Practicing the right processes to drive the work in the most efficient and effective way possible.
  • Behaviors : Creating cultural norms for decision making, holding meetings, communication, reporting and more. Developing individual and team incentives to encourage behavior that build teams and achieve business goals. Rewarding good behavior and discouraging and addressing poor behavior.

We help you build and structure an effective team and get the best from your people in order to grow your business.

  • Team : Develop high performing teams and developing managers who work to develop their teams.
  • Tools : Designing tools teams need to do their jobs well. Supporting systems for goal setting, managing performance, and communication and ensuring the systems are used consistently and effectively.
  • Practices : Developing effective and efficient meetings and decision making.
  • Behaviors : Practicing open, direct, friendly and effective communication. Individuals treat each other with respect and courtesy and hold one another accountable. Making and following team decisions.
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